From Here To Wherever

Over The Mountains

Into The Sea

On This Board I Will Ride

Towards Wherever I want to be”

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Inspired by the ocean, these boards were created with the thought of 

the life underneath the surface. 

About us


With Maluka we want to change the industry of action sports focused on boards used in water, mountains and streets.

On the social aspect it’s our desire to bring people with different interest together.

Whether you have been doing board sports for years or are willing to challenge yourself to try something new, Maluka is a fit to everyone’s lifestyle.

We are extremely grateful that we can be working with something that we love doing every day.

Our Mission

One of our main focuses is how we effect the environment, which have been an important part of Maluka since the very first day.

We do everything we can to make a positive impact, including using 100% renewable energy in our workshop, no-VOC varnishes and glues, recycling, reducing waste wood by creating accessories and other things that comes to our mind of what's left. We buy everything we need within Europe to avoid shipping overseas. Even our web host is green!

This is as well the reason we have chosen to use Bamboo for our longboards.

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